What do you guys think I should upgrade?

I ask this quite a lot as I update my PC very minimally every summer or so. I don't want to do any big hardware changes. Right now I have a core i5 2400 with stock fan, 8gb dark 1337 mhz ram, Samsung 840 120gb Pro SSD, 1TB 7200rpm hdd, an old 320gb 72000rpm hdd, msi 7950, all in a stock NZXT full tower case (swapped out two fans with blue led fans).

I was thinking about getting a hyper 212 cooler to replace the stock fan, or possibly add more blue led fans on to the case for a nicer appearance. Or get another 1TB hdd to replace the old 320gb one (this one is running Linux, it's still fast but I think it shows its age when gaming sometimes). What do you guys think, leave it as is or upgrade something?
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    In my humble opinion, don't change any thing. However, if you are still considering a change then go for 1TB HDD if you've a requirement for that.
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