Good gaming mother board?

so i am planing to build a pc and i need gaming motherboard that can support 4th gen intel i7.
So i can't decide which one i will buy (ASUS, Gigabyte, Msi)
which one of them is good and not that expensive, cheap is better
thank you :)
about the size of motherboard i have NZXT h440 and NZXT SWITCH 810
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  1. What is your budget?

    What specific CPU are using?

    What size motherboard are you wanting?

    Do already have RAM, if so...what is it specifically?

    What is your power supply?

    Are you running one GPU or more?

    How many SATA III or SATA II ports are you using?
  2. I would go with Gigabyte or MSI but that's just me.
  3. cpu: i7 4th gen
    ram: ddr3 32 (mb in future i can upg to 64)
    size: any size of motherboard
    GPY: nvidia gtx 760 dual sli (4 in future mb) or gtx 780
    powersupply 1200 wt bronze

    sorry i am not good at computer stuff :(
  4. Well I had some bad experiences with ASUS Boards....and their customer support is horrible. So any future nice boards, safe to say I won't be going back to ASUS haha.
  5. I have never had a problem with ASUS motherboards, and know that any company can sell you a bad board, causing you not to want to shop with them anymore, so I can understand that. I personally prefer ASUS, which is funny since Fidgetmaster does not...but if you don't want ASUS.... MSI and Gigabyte are pretty decent too. Do you know what specific CPU you can check that in system information in the control panel. To get those features it will be pretty expensive. So what is your maximum budget for this motherboard? And do you mean you want to put four GTX 760s in your system?
  6. fidgetmaster, i didt knew that i thought asus mobo are the best quality mobo out there, and there mobo price is very high, so what kind of motherboard are u using now?
  7. ASUS has some of the highest prices that is for sure...I'm using MSI now and been working Flawlessly...Had Gigabyte as well in the past...Also was Flawless and no problems....
  8. so, what's your budget?
    well, i think there will not be lot different between asus, msi and gigabyte
    all base on your budget and spec you need
    i personal perfer the msi z97 gaming 5 (because i got one)
    work great, and if you want, i think you can also try gaming 7 as well
  9. I'm not saying all ASUS boards are bad at all just my bad back 5-6 years ago having one of these Rampage Boards was awesome....but talk about some dumb and just awful BIOS/Flashing ASUS has/had haha. That was really aggravating.... not so much their boards it was their dang Customer Support I have talked to them like 4 times concerning problems/RMAs and they had no idea what hell I was talking about haha, So yeah Kind of made me not want to continue with ASUS....
  10. Are you looking for like a Z97/H97 board?
  11. I keep looking at that MSI H97/Guard-pro seems like a hell of a board for that price.
  12. well my budget for my pc 1000-800 dollar but cheaper better for me because i live in mongolia shipping from usa or china will cost me like another 100,200 dollars so cheaper is good for me.
    i7 4770k

    so what motherboard is good for me? i like the msi and gigabyte, because they have killer internet and sound, i had lot of problems with ping and internet connections. about asus i think there mobo doest have killer int or good sound quality?
  13. Yeah that board I mentioned the MSI H97 guard-pro would be pretty killer with your CPU, think the Z97 is a little more and really not much difference between them.... around $100 so not bad at all....
  14. and yea i dont know is it possible for quad sli for gtx 760, but dual sli gtx 760 is fine or i will jut buy single gtx 770
  15. Oh never-mind then you trying to do SLI think those only support Crossfire... or the nicer/gaming board has SLI
  16. @Fidgetmaster...I know what you really bad experience and I would be done with a company too. I have the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition and it is a beast. It is interesting how much the boards change as the prices go up...offering quad SLI and quad Crossfire support, built in blu-tooth, build in wifi adapter, included overclocking devices, 64 GB RAM, everything like that is amazing. But in the cheaper motherboards you have to find the ones that will work with everything you need because they might only offer a max of two RAM modules or 16 GB total RAM, only one GPU support...etc.
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