Internet Only Works in Safe Mode

My problem began after trying to play BF3 over WiFi. Perfect Signal but no connection.

Fast forward to now. After many efforts of troubleshooting, I have replaced my USB WiFi adapter with an ASUS PCI-E WiFi Card. Now I've narrowed my symptoms to strong WiFi signal but no internet, unless in safe mode. As far as I know, the only AV I have is Defender and Windows FW.

Haven't a clue

I disabled all start up programs, and it works just fine. So now all I have to do is narrow it down. Otherwise, thanks for your help!
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    Did you installed a hacked version of BF from a torrent? If you did, boot off an antivirus rescue disk (available free from Avira, AVG, etc...) and run a scan. Also install Malwarebytes, update it, reboot in Safe Mode and do a scan with that.
  2. No. Straight from Origin. When it was 'On the House'

    Updated Symptom: WiFi doesn't connect at all after opening chrome unless in Safe Mode
  3. Do you have anything else on WiFi and does that work OK? Dos the system go online when on an ethernet cable?
  4. Using my phone, right now. Along with that, a Mac, Smart TV, other phones, and iPad. But like I said, once I boot in Safe Mode, all my problems disappear. I've tried finding whatever it could be that's blocking it, but nothing comes up. And Ethernet works fine.
  5. Fixed it!

    ^See first post^
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