Switching from ps4, I wasn't pleased with it as a 400 dollar gaming machine and I had a 6 year old alienware Area 51 7500 sit

Need expert help upgrading gaming rig specs are here.. I'll spend more if I have to but I mainly would like a good skyrim enb and witcher 3 when it comes out. I plan in playing on a 40in led 1080 tv
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  1. I would say find a less expensive motherboard and go up to 780ti, they are quite a bit faster 780(I've had both). I've seen EVGA SC 780ti for $630 which is amazing, price goes up and down a little but if you shop around I know you can find it.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I found this?
    I've just heard a lot about vram lately and didn't know if I should go TI or 6gb
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    Not bad! How about this GPU:

    I have it and it's amazing. The clock rates/sound levels of this card blew me away with both reviews and owning it. Did you notice $660 after rebates?! I hit 1288mhz for hours all day everyday with a slight OC after the stock OC.

    A 6gb 780 is still slower than a 3gb 780ti @ 4k just to let you know. I actually think these OC cards still do better than titan black @ 4k. OC a titan black and you may finally have an advantage I just haven't seen anything substantial to prove otherwise. Please don't go 4k gaming, it needs 2GPUs for maxing. 2k/1080p with all eye candy on, and never dipping down below 60 fps (I think that number should go down to 40FPS with G-sync) is far more amazing than 4k medium/high settings.

    With the money you save get the i7 4770k. I used have Hyper-threading off for the first the few years I had my i7 2600 because I would get better benchmarks with the higher per core performance of HT off (which is why most people recommended the i5), but ever since the 337.5 driver and up I get better benchmarks with HT on. I didn't believe it until I saw it.

    Edit: You may be able to scrap the thermal paste as these cards run very cool. In less someone can show be better benchmarks because of it on a 780ti.
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