Need recommendation on PSU

I have two option for psu kindly suggest me the best one and i am running a AMD FX 8350 Processor with ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 mobo.


Thanks is advance.
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  1. The RM is a better power supply than the CX.

    The RM is made by CWT and is Certified to 90plus Gold.

    But both are only Tier 3 'Not for serious overclocking' in

    If you haven't bought it yet, try tier one, 2a or 2b instead eg Antec HCG 620M, XFX 650, Seasonic 620
  2. Do you hve anything in CORSAIR or COOLER MASTER i believe i will not be able to get the above mentioned product in India.
  3. What graphics card you using?
  4. I am planning to get the ATI R9 290 or the 270 series.
  5. Best answer
    OK then you need 31A, 550W.

    So get that Seasonic 620 I linked to (Flipkart) above.
  6. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
  7. I have a nother option now can i got for the seasonic km3 or the 650RT which one can i take.
  8. Post links to them
  9. Yep - either of those 650 Seasonics would be OK too
  10. Can someone give an opinion about this below PSU it is emergency.
  11. Its good too. And made by Seasonic.
  12. The model i provided is ANtec is it made by seasonic?
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