Can I run regular Windows Apps on Windows Home Server?


I'm thinking of installing Windows Home Server for a friend and I know nothing about it. He owns a few houses and wants to run the landlord software he uses securely from home, even when he's at the office (or anywhere else for that matter).

I was thinking of installing Windows Home Server for him so that he can use it as some sort of private personal cloud where he can install his landlord software and access it wherever he is either through the internet or home network.

Is it possible to install a regular Windows program on the home server so that it can be accessed by anyone with the right credentials anywhere in the world without them having to install it on their local machine? Sort of like how Goolge apps works.

Is there another solution I'm not aware of?

The applications I'm thinking of running is
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  1. Ask them if its compatible with Windows Home Server
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    Windows Home Server is a dated OS. It's basically Server 2003 R2. Looks like on the site they list it as being compatible with 2003 SP1 but like i7Baby said, check with them to be certain.

    To be honest though I don't see why you need Windows Home Server for this set up... If you need to access the application directly to do your tasks on it then simply installing it on any PC and allowing RDP into the machine should suffice.
  3. look at windows home server 2011 i run most of my windows 7 software on it without issues on a mini pc for that matter windows home server is a combo of server 2008 small business and windows 7 as far as i am aware. runs all my software no issues at all and i figure its pretty sound for your needs :)
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