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One out the two rear fans on my HTPC started to make a lot of noise. As in really loud. This happens as soon as I turn the PC on and last for about 5 minutes and then the case is silent again. When I unscrew the fan and just have it dangling then there is no noise either but as soon as I screw it in the noise happens. It was working fine for about 9 months then all of a sudden happened one day. I've made sure the screws and really tight. Any suggestions?
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  1. Put some rubber washers on the screws. They don't have to be real tight. Might have a dud fan.
  2. Do you have any cables or anything that might touch the fans while they are spinning?
    I`m also thinking that the bearings might start to fail.
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    Pl remove the fans. Use compressed air to clean the fans. Make sure that you hold the fan centeral area firmly so that fan blades won't move during cleaning. Once cleaned, install them again. Don't let dust accumulated on the fans particularly on the bearings.

    My one SP-120 started making noise. After cleaning, no noise was there.
  4. Every now and again I run all my fans at 100% to help blow them out.
  5. Good idea i7Baby :)
  6. Ok I will give them a good clean and put it some rubbed washers. Thanks!
    But if the bearings were gone or the fan was dusty then when doesnt it make any noise as soon as i unscrew it from the case? Strange..
  7. Maybe your distorting it when you screw it in. Don't screw it so tight. The rubber washers will help.
  8. It can happen dear. Strange would be with bearings gone at once which is not the case. Fan making noise is an indication of its getting dud soon. Simple cleaning steps would help avoid this thing.
  9. Could be just the blades rubbing against the housing when its gets distorted.
  10. Thanks easylover and everyone else! it seemed to be a dirty fan. Cleaned and no no more noise! :)
    Now I have another problem :( When I put everything back together the pc starts for a few seconds then dies for a few seconds and then continues to start but theres nothing on the monitor. Ive created a new thread about this problem.
  11. Remove the RAMs and the CPU. Install them again. Hopefully, it will work.
  12. Changed hdmi cable from my graphics card.. to my motherboard hdmi port. All working now :) Thanks again!
  13. To run your graphics card you might have to switch back to pcie graphics in bios
  14. Graphics card working properly?
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