Best quiet 120mm fans?

Got a Corsair 200R and I have 2 x 120mm fan mounts at the top and one rear 120mm fan space too so I'm after 3 fans. Just wondering if you guys could suggest some?

LEDs don't bother me, functions before appearance, looking for no more than £20/fan.

Cheers lads.
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  2. I prefer Cougar 120mm fans: they are both quieter and give more CFM than Corsair:|35-553-009^35-553-009-TS%2C35-553-005^35-553-005-TS%2C35-553-008^35-553-008-TS%2C35-553-012^35-553-012-07%23%2C35-553-010^35-553-010-07%23&percm=35-553-009%3A%24%24%24%2411%24%24%24%3B35-553-005%3A%24%24%24%2411%24%24%24%3B35-553-008%3A%24%24%24%2411%24%24%24%3B35-553-012%3A%24%24%24%2411%24%24%24%3B35-553-010%3A%24%24%24%2411%24%24%24
  3. Noctua makes a very good 120mm fan, but the color is blech.

    Also, if these won't be going on a radiator, consider the Corsair AF series. If you plan to use a radiator, go with the SP series.
  4. AEEROCOOL Dead Silent Fans.
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