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Hello there.
I have build a system a few months a go for my self. Here are the specs

Processor AMD FX 6300 - stock 3.5 GHz ( 4.1 GHz )
Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P AM3+
Ram 4 GB 1333 Mhz (upgrading to 12 GB soon)
Graphics AMD R9 270 MSI Gaming
LC Power 600W (40A)
CPU Cooler CM Hyper TX3 Evo

The question is can I crossfire another r9 270 with this mobo? And what would be the preformance. Also it's better for me if I could crossfire my R9 270 with an R7 265 if that is possible.
Here is the r7 265 if that means anything to you:

Thanks :)
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  1. Yes - you can crossfire 2 x R9 270's but not with a R7 265

    For 2 x R79 270's you'd need at least a 600W psu. And a good one pre -
    eg Seasonic 620, XFX 650, Antec HCG 620M

    Don't use that motherboard for Crossfire. Its poor quality.
    Get a 990fx version eg Gigabyte 990fx ud3, ASRock 990fx Extreme 4
  2. That is the question I asked will the crossfire work in this motherboard? Also why can't I crossfire with r7 265. I read somewhere that all R-200 series can crossfire with each other.
  3. Nope you can't crossfire any 200 series card with another their can be some big changes between the different cards throughout that series. Here is a link to a chart here on TH with the compatibility of different cards.
    Your motherboard will support it but not very efficiently and I7baby is correct on the 990FX chipset would be the best current one out there for it.
  4. Ok thanks. Then i will buy another r9 270. Would this Mobo use 100% of the cards because i have no budget to go with new mobo too :S
  5. The GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P Has only 4+1 power phases, No VRM Heatsink and you need to get custom cooling to be able to clock cpu's on it
    The GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Has 8+2 power phases, a Heatsinked VRM and you can overclock a cpu without using custom cooling
    The 8+2 phases allows better voltage control also for GPus as well as cpus. So its important and a sign of a good motherboard.

    There are some 970A chipset mobos that aren't too bad. But yours isn't one of them. I wouldn't have bought it to start with. But in the end, the choice is yours. It might survive. So might the ram, cpu and gpus that you mount on it. But it is more likely to fail than the alternative I suggested.

    As I said - your call.
  6. I don't wanna overclock my GPU or CPU , i always leave them in stock because i don't see any difference when overclocked. Without overclock will they work??

    EDIT: My mobo has VRM Heatsinks btw, and it says that supports crossfire
  7. Who knows? Its your call now. We've provided the info.
  8. Ok thanks.. Has anyone tried crossfireing in this mobo? :)
  9. Not me. Google it.
  10. Best answer
    It won't use the second card fully if you look at the info for your motherboard the second card will only run at PCI-E x4 and the main will be at X16 so yeah it may help slightly but you will be far from fully utilizing it. For that reason I would wait and see if I could find someone interested in your current card and upgrade to a better single card set up till you are ready to upgrade other hardware also.
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