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I bought gmod and I installed it, but when it was 91% complete an error message popped up on the screen, I restarted the update but the same thing happened at 91%. HELP!!!!!
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  1. You need to tell us what the error says for us to help, Is it not downloading all the way? or is it downloading and just won't install?
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    Assuming you are using Steam to download this,
    Right click the game> select 'delete local content' then go down to your uninstalled games and double click it, re-download it.
    If this does not work, try browsing for a different link to download it from, as long as it is a Steam link, it will still download through the Steam client without needing to re'purchase it
  3. It's ok man I already got it to work. Apparently it had something to do with me downloading far cry 3 at the same time.
  4. ah i get those issues on the ps4 x,x
    cheers, glad you got it to work
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