Deciding between Acer and MSI laptops for gaming

Hey guys, so I'm looking for a decent gaming laptop, and ended up between two:
(I'm buying from different sources in my country, just found the same types with same components)
It seems that Acer's graphics card is way better, while the other factors seem rather similar, but I heard some bad responses about acer's themselves. I'm a careful user, so I won't be crushing, throwing, dropping the laptop etc, so the ability to withstand wilderness is not an issue, while I wouldn't want to go to repair the laptop for stupid reasons also.
Nevertheless I'd love to hear a few opinions, maybe even a third option, what do you think would be better. Thanks.
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    Acer has the worst reputation, i'd never buy that.
    The MSI laptop looks ok but it is really an entry level laptop (A 840m won't be quite good for the latest games).
    If you can raise your budget, I'd go with the lenovo y510p.
  2. The 840m will be lacking in games. But I would stick with MSI, I picked up a gt60 almost a year ago and travel with it all the time. Lan parties almost every other weekend and does my daily everyday work during the week. Have not had a single issue with it at all.
  3. Thanks, I've actually discovered the Lenovo selling in my country with a discount, the price being the same as the other two. Now I just need to find out whether the source is trustworthy.
    So do you think Lenovo, that KrazyMe suggested is better than the other two, right?
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