Phanteks Enthoo Pro without drive cage

Hello everyone.
I've been looking at the phanteks enthoo pro for my next build but I can't find information on the drive storage capacity of the case if I choose to remove both drive cages from the front.
I favor a good airflow case and at the moment I'm looking at the Arc Midi R2 and the Enthoo Pro (I want a case that has no side window).
I will be inserting an SSD drive and a 3.5 sata drive. I know I can fit the SSD drive somewhere else on the case but does it also have room somewhere else for a standard 3.5 HDD if I remove both drive cages?
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More about phanteks enthoo pro drive cage

    Expansion & Drive Bays
    Expansion slots

    External 5.25"

    Internal 3.5"

    6 (2x 3 HDD cages)
    Internal 2.5"

    7 (2x 3 HDD cages + 1x SSD brackets ) *expandable to 2x
  2. Internal 3.5"
    6 (2x 3 HDD cages)

    So there's no way I can have a 3.5" HDD in there without the drive cage is that it?
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    Has to be mounted in the cage.
  4. Ok, sad news for me.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. No problem
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