help with PSU rails and amps

If everything else is equal, is it better to have a PSU with one 12V (rail I think is the term) at 43A
or a PSU with a 12V 23A and a 12V 20A

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  1. I appreciate it, but I am not sure how much credibility to give him.

    This is really just a commercial for audio books.

    There just seems to be too much hype about rails recently for it seemingly to truly "doesn't matter"

    Surely if all else is equal, there has to be some advantage to one over the other. Even if it is slight.
  2. Best answer
    said much better than i could put it:" Well, with low-wattage units it doesn't matter. OCP on a single rail is useful up to about 40A or thereabouts, which is where most 550W power supplies fall. So with 550W and under power supplies, it's a moot point. However, with high wattage units, >45A on the +12V (650W and higher) picking a multi-rail unit will provide you with an extra layer of overload protection. It isn't essential, and it has no impact on the power supply's performance. However, it does provide an extra layer of safety in case you get a short circuit. And I would consider it a must for >1000W power supplies; [H] recently tested the single rail Corsair AX1200, but they had an accidental short circuit, and since the PSU's OCP is set for over 100A, the short overloaded and destroyed most of their testing equipment. So there is a danger with single rail units over 1000W."

    Besides Linus is awesome, your blasphemy shall not be ignored :O
  3. You made me laugh.

    Actually I think you just explained it much better than he did. He talked very fast and then advertised at the end giving almost more attention to that than he did the topic. A combination that I found very sketchy.

    The way you explained made more sense to me. Thanks.
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