Need adapter to fit DDR3 socket

I need to access SMB clock and data lines on some laptop motherboards. Their common factor is that they all use DDR3 204-pin memory and have a free memory slot. It looks to me like the data I need is on pins 200 and 202, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way to buy/make something I could plug into the slot to make the leads accessible. If there might be a better way, I am certainly open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I'm not sure about how to make an adapter or even if you'll find one but isn't the simplest way just to solder 2 wires on the pins in question? Take an existing ram module and solder on or above the pins in question. If you are not familiar with soldering go to a repair shop and have them do it as its quite tricky to solder small stuff like that. Just make sure you tell whoever is soldering to just pinch the top of the pins not solder over them as you need to still be able to insert them back i suppose.
  2. First, thanks for the reply. I looked at that first, and I decided that it would be hard to get one that could be used several times, as the connections would be fairly fragile. I would need to solder onto the backs of the pins with 30-gauge wire and that kind of solder connections hold best if you can put something like hot glue over them, but it wouldn't really fit and leave enough to insert into the slot. I'll try that if I cannot find something better.
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    You could try using oxigen-free wires that are coated. They are much stronger and should be easy-er to work with
  4. I'll try that
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