Inexpensive LGA 1150 Micro-ATX motherboard that meets these requirements?

Hello all. I'm looking for a quality Micro-ATX motherboard that satisfies the following requirements, and I'm having a hard time tracking one down. I'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion, ideally from a quality brand like Gigabyte or Asus.

* Micro-ATX
* LGA 1150 CPU (i7)
* 2x DDR3-1600 (240 pin) for 8gb total RAM
* 1x PCI-E x16
* 2x SATA 6gb/s
* 1x SATA 3gb/s
* Onboard audio

My fallback is a full sized ATX motherboard, but I'm trying to cut costs in this area since I don't need any fancy features, nor do I plan significant upgrades. Most of my money is going into the CPU due to the use cases for this PC.

For reference, here's my build (sans motherboard, case and power supply):

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Wrote wrong CPU, updated to correct 1150.
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  1. The CPU you have picked out is LGA 1150, not 1155, so a 1155 motherboard won't do you much good.
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