Newly built PC and "Reboot and select proper boot device"

I have recently built my first PC and everything seems to start up ok, but the first thing that comes up on the monitor after turning it on is:

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media"

I've checked the SATA cables for HDD and SSD and they all look like they are in, so I have no idea what's causing the problem.

When I pressed CLR CMOS the bios came up, but when I exited it it went back to the screen.

As my PC does not have an optical drive, I was wondering if making an ISO file and putting it on a bootable USB is the answer, as both my HDD and SSD showed up in my BIOS.

Can anyone give me help on this?

Thank You

Side note: Am I supposed to see my GPU anywhere in my BIOS? I found my CPU, RAM and Storage there but not the GPU
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  1. Wait, so you just built it? As in no OS yet? if there's no OS there's nothing to boot to, so that message would be normal, if you do have an OS installed already, go into your boot order in the bios and make sure your boot disk made it on there, some boards have a funky default set where things like PXE and USB get put into the order to the neglect of the actual boot disk.
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    "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media" means that there's not bootable device plugged in. You need to make bootable usb storage device and install your operating system from that usb device. There's plenty of tutorials about making usb stick bootable and installing operating system from there.
  3. Thanks! I'm fairly new to all this and just wanted to make sure.
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