Does 4th Gen processors really worth the upgrade over 3rd gen

Hey guys how u doing..
I have a silly question here struggling in mah head for some days..
I am thinking to upgrade my cpu, as most of the modern games supports multiple threading and needs more cpu powers as well as GPU..
So as for being an Intel fan over years I have heard a lot about 4th processors and their overclocking abilities and much more cool stuffs from my buddies.. Some of them are already owning a 4th Gen built..
Now I have a 3570k processor which is good I know but have a b75 motherboard which stops me from overclocking.. I need to change my mother board..
So I'm just asking that have Haswell a really good advantages over 3rd Gen ivy bridges (consider the clock speed the same for both cases like comparing 3rd Gen 3570k and 4th Gen 4670 k)???
Or I should not hear at those gimmicks and just buy a great mobo like Saber tooth /gskill sniper m3.
That way I could save a lots of money also over the processor.. But really guys just don't consider it by the price point but just say if it's gonna really make some difference having a 4th Gen built..
Also please mention if a 3570k 's base clock speed 3.4 is enough for games of nowadays and I should settle for some days for the mobo upgrade..
Thanks in advance..
And sorry for my awful English
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  1. Not at all.

    The performance gain is not noticeable unless you are running a multimillionaire dollar business and every second counts. I wouldn't even bother overclocking it either. If you were to purchase another motherboard you would be paying for an outdated motherboard with no upgrade path to gain very little real world performance. You would be doing the same thing by going to 4th generation but just spending more..
  2. Wait for the coming Haswell E this Fall, 5970k X99 chipset and you'll see a nice jump. Its what I'm waiting for over my 2600K and Z68 board.
  3. The only upgrade worthwhile from 3rd gen to 4th gen is improved hyperthreading and that only shows decent benefits on i3s
  4. Haswell e sounds pretty amazing already...
    Ok but when its gonna release?
    Will it provide a really good advantages over 3rd gen...
    And the next question appear is what's gonna be the costing?
    I don't want to set over 300$ for a cpu at least...
    I'm planning to jump to a great upgrade here for a gtx 770 over my 7870.. As I really wanna play watch dogs at ultra..
    Won't be my cpu bottlenecking my GPU then?
  5. Base speed is fine but you can overclock that 3570k to well above 4 Ghz with a new motherboard. Something like an ASRock Z77 Extreme 3 or 4 can be had for about $100, and if you don't already have decent heatsink another $30. Haswell or Haswell Devil's Canyon would mean spending another $230 on the processor + the motherboard and you would only see a 5-10% difference between those and your ivy bridge chip.

    Waiting on Haswell E and DDR4 is a little different then waiting for say Broadwell, that is switching from consumer grade to workstation grade equipment. Expectations are high on Broadwell being a good overclocker given what Intel just released with Devil's Canyon.
  6. Your current CPU even un-overclocked wouldn't bottleneck any two GPUs available on the market.
  7. It's all about that L3 Cache.
  8. Well thanks mah friend @Eximo.
    Can u send me a link about upcoming technologies like Haswell E... Will I be able to play battle field 5 at that platform.. I just mean is it gonna release in early 2015?
  9. Best answer
    Rumor's put Haswell E coming out Q3-Q4 2014, however, these are much older rumors and are associated with Devil's Canyon, which just came out, and Broadwell which is also scheduled for Q3-Q4. I think we can safely assume that the priority will be on the consumer grade CPUs to come out before the holidays, and Haswell E to come out after the 1st of the new year (when companies are doing budgeting for the next fiscal year)
  10. You can play Battlefield Hardline right now, it is in open Beta, and I believe you already exceed the minimum requirements.
  11. Wow! Really great and helpful reply from u... I'm looking forward to Broadwell then...
    U just said in your older reply that 3570k 's base clock not gonna bottleneck my GPU...
    Is that any proper way to check how much cpu powers consumed while gaming? I have a software installed named' process hacker' shows the information ..
    But I have heard that a game never used more than 85% power of a cpu.. So what is the ideal percentage I consider while checking the load on it... I mean when cpu load is lower than that percentage I would consider it isn't bottlenecking anyway
  12. You have a CPU bottleneck only when your CPU is at 100% and performance appears to be suffering. If the CPU is at 100% and you find the performance acceptable then your CPU is just using everything it has to get maximum performance.

    Task manager and Process Monitor in Windows can be used to see instant CPU usage and CPU usage over time, respectively.
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