Can i Fix my motherboard or do i have to buy a new one?

Hello i bought a gaming pc from ebay and it arrived damaged. I cant get video output on my screen, but everything turns on good even the lights and fans. It doesn't give me a beeping sound because it doesn't have that feature. Any who i found this little piece out of its place and was wondering if that's the cause and if i could solder it back or do i have to buy a new motherboard.

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  1. There is a thing called warranty. Use it! If you have no warranty then we can talk about other solutions
  2. the thing is there is no warranty, i can only return it and get half of what i paid. So id rather fix it other than loosing half my money.
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    Well first thing is to solder the piece the way it was. If you have no experience with soldering DO NOT do it yourself. Soldering on these boards is sometimes next to impossible, however that seems to be a clean enough area for someone with experience to solder it back with ease.
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