4 Radeon R9 290Xs in CrossFireX vs 2 Radeon R9 295X2s in CrossFireX?

Which of the two setups would be likely to perform better, 4 290Xs in CFX or 2 295X2s in CFX? Both yield 4 GPUs for the count, have nearly the same clock, TDP, price (per GPU), and memory (per GPU). There's not a single difference I can catch, except that the 295X2 performed slightly lower than the 290X in PassMark (because PM doesn't recognize dual-GPUs). Does anyone have any evidence one way or another?
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  1. If the memory and clock speeds are the same they should be equal.
  2. 290x "should" be cooler since each gpu has it's own heatsink/fans so that should let them boost a bit more. Not to mention it's cheaper.
  3. Ref 290x quadfire will be less performing than 295x2 CF. But 4 290x watercool will destroy ref 295x2 CF. Watercool both....hmmmmmm I am not sure.
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