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Currently I have an fx-6300 with the stock heatsink and fan and am looking to upgrade so I can overclock it better. I'd like something that is also compatible with a 4770k, which I'll be upgrading to eventually. I do like the h100i but I've read that the closed loop systems like this aren't really worth it over the cheaper air cooling options that are available and have the added risk of liquid. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also looking to keep it relatively cheap.

In addition I have a corsair c70 case and patriot viper extreme ram for clearance purposes.
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    There are a few options depending on budget. The 212 EVO, Noctua NH-d14, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, or H100i for example.

    The H100i is a good cooler, some air coolers, the two big air coolers referenced for example, do outperform it. The added risk is minimal, and it looks cleaner (The only reason I own the H100i)
  2. The idea that that the Corair H100i is not as good as cheaper air cooling solutions is not a true statement. The reviews
    and tests which are not conclusive all time say different. The Corsair when run at full boar will likely beat any Air Cooler.
    I am talking about the big boy coolers. I might add I prefer Air cooling. I use a Thermaltake Frio Extreme. The Corsair will beat mine by a few degrees. I am going to upgrade my case. I will go with either the H100i or the better Coolermaster
    Nepton 280L 280mm Aio Cooler. The Nepton is about the beat cooling Solution except for custom water solutions.A lot of statements are people peoples feeling and opinions that are subjecyive and not conclusive. I have a gaming machine and
    I run my cooling full boar with my FX 9590. That is where I am coming from. Others run their machines and cooling different. You should be fine with Corsair H100i. Also PcPartpicker says it will fit your case.

    Note the performance results on Pg 6. The H100i defeats the Phanteks PH-TC14PE which is as good as the Noctua Nh-D14.
    And it beats mine. At full boar it is better. Such as when overclocking. I recommend changing the stock fans. But try them out and see for yourself.
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