How long does a RMA take with newegg?

How long does a RMA take with newegg? I bought a R9 270 that started to have artifacts (yeah a amd gpu with artifacts what a suprise hu? LOL) Anyway they told me they would exchange it for me but I had to send back my old one with all the stuff that came with it, I kept my box and all the stuff and even the static bag in a safe place, So I opened the box and made sure all the stuff was in it, I put my card back in the box and I printed the RMA label and sent it to ups, It supposedly won't get to newegg until monday. This stinks having to use the 650 Ti again. I got spoiled with the settings maxed out. I just hope it does not get rejected, The manual and driver disk and bridge and hdmi/vga clip were all placed in the bottom of the box under the foam were the GPU lays in when I got it, So that was how I put it all back. I hope they know to look under the foam in the box. Since that was the way HIS boxed it, I figured that's how I should box it.
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    They are pretty quick usually. I would expect they will ship your new card within a few days of getting the old one back

    As a side note if you ever have to do it again you can usually call them and give them a credit card number and they will ship your RMA immediately and as long as they get the defective unit within a week of you getting the new card they will not charge you to do it. At least they have done it for me but I'm a good customer and have been for many years.
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