Reinstalling Windows 8 on a New Drive Without Disk

I am about to upgrade my MOBO and CPU to Z87 and i7-4770K, and thought reinstalling windows would be best. However, the version of Windows 8 I have was pre-installed on my primary HDD.
I want to keep the windows install on my old hard drive, plug in my new SSD and install Windows 8 on it after installing the new MOBO and CPU, and then plug in the old HDD and transfer any data I want to keep onto the SSD, before wiping it and using it for storage. How do I do this without having to spend $150 on a new Windows 8 OEM Disk?
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    You need to do a clean install of windows onto the new SSD and motherboard with no other drives attached to prevent driver conflicts.
  2. I know. Thats what I meant. I only was wondering how to install Windows without having to buy a new OEM version, since the version I have didn't come with a disk.
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