Need help with gaming computer!

Require assistance with improving current build.

I know very little about building proper gaming rigs, but nonetheless, I'd like to have a decent build that can run high end games like Arma III on maximum settings with 1920x1080 resolution. Are the below specs good enough to last for a long time and worth the $1600?

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor (4.40 GHz)
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB
HDD: WD 3 TB WD Purple SATA III Intellipower 64 MB Cache
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX770 SuperClocked
Case: Cooler Master HAF X
ISC: ASUS Xonar Essence
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
PSU: Corsair CX Series 750W
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  1. Mobo - try -,3824.html - ASRock Z97 Extrene 4

    RAM - just 8gb is OK for gaming. Get 1866 1.5v, cl 9 for only a few dollars more

    You don't need a sound card anymore on new motherboards. Their inbuilt sound is excellent.

    Instead of the Corsair CX power supply, get a better one per -

    You only need 600W for a 770. Try Seasonic 620, XFX 650 or Antec HCG 620M instead.
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    1. Thats a lotta MoBo and CPU .... for gaming, I'd want more GFX

    So where can we save ya money.....

    2. HAF-X is kinda expensive for a 4 year old case..... gave the HAF-X an 8.95 and the Enthoo Pro a also won case of the Year at Computex so save $40 for a much more modern, feature rich case.

    3. Unfortunately the CX series of PSUs is to be avoided in all but a "budget" light duty box.

    $95 XFX Core Edition

    $70 Antec HCG
    USD $25 off w/ promo code 618CMPTS22, ends 6/20 and $30 MIR ... no price change

    4. Drop the sound card, on a decent MoBo, sound is just fine $190 ... $230 SO FAR

    5. Dominator RAM is $200 for 1866 CAS 9 AND WILL HIT YA COOLER.
    Mushkin (Hynix modulkes) is $165 for 1866 CAS 9, savings = $35 .... $265 saved so far

    6. You have no SSD so Im gonna assume that was conscious decision... but next best thing is a HD with a "built in SSD". And the purple drives are built for surveilance not gaming....savings - $185 that's $450 so far

    7. MoBo is last generation so let's go Z97 $180 for MSI Z97 GD65 ... I spent an extra $8, $442 left

    8. The EVGA 770 is $330 adding $442 takes ya to $772. That gives yua enough dough to land a 780 Ti .... the best one outside of the $860 EVGA classified Kingpin is the $710 MSI one .... but since that card was $600 last week I have a hard time recommending it today..... it's been $600 every other week or so for the last 6 weeks. Assuming it comes back, buy it. At $700, I see the $500 780s as the better buy. The Asus and new MSI 780s are the cream of the crop. MSi retooled the 780 since the review below where it finished in 2nd place behind the Asus...EVGA came in last...... now I put the Asus an MSI 780s on equal footing, Asus memory overclocks better, but MSI is clocked much higher outta the box and is much quieter. The MSI is $450....which still leaves ya $322 to spend .

    Now ya i7-4790k won't hep ya mush in gaming so drop dowm to the i5-4690k and save $100 so ya have $422

    Well for just $28 ya can get a 2nd MSI 780 ....yeahaaaa !..... you smokin now.

    Ya PSU at 850 watts is already sized for two 780s.

    Since I'm spending ya money now, upgrade ya cooler to the Phanteks PH-TC14-PE and pick up about 7C over the Hyper 212.....for just $45.

    Are ya mad at me yet ? I spending $63 extra of ya money ....lets round it off to $100 extra and thro two or three more phanteks fans in that case ... dang last week they were $10
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