Pc turns on for a split second, then shut down, fans only spin once

I built my gaming pc for about 2 months now, didn't have any problems with it until today. Asus anti-power surge activated then i turned off my pc, for about 20 minutes, then when i attempted to turn it on, it only turns on for a split second fans only spin once and turns off.

I don't know what to do, please help me. Thanks
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    just take the cmos battery out for one minute and you should boot up just fine
  2. In addition to removing the cmos, i had a friend who let me test his PSU. it seems that my PSU is defective
  3. If you want a good one
    Currently only $46 after rebate. I use it in my work system with a r9 280x and a power hungry overclocked amd processor slightly overclocked and it works fine.
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