How to do overclocking with AMD FX 8350 and whats the advantage and disadvantage ?

I am new in PC Gaming hardware concepts .I heard about overclocking where we can increase our processor speed .I also heard sometimes its burn during overclocking due to much Temp.My first question is How to do save overclocking and what components or hardware need to control cpu Temperature how to do setting in bio as per requirements for overclocking ? Currently i am using amd fx 8350 with biostar ta990fxe motherboard with corsair hx 850 power supply .How to monitor system and cpu temperature during overclocking and how to control when temp will increase much ?
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  1. You need a good CPU cooler before you start overclocking. The purpose of overclocking the processor is to simply increase the processor speed. The best way to overclock is to use the motherboard overclocking utility supplied with the motherboard. You can also overclock within the BIOS, but it is a more complicated operation. There is the option to save the overclock parameters within the utility.
    The downside of overclocking is that you can reduce the operational lifetime of the CPU.

    Here is an article on overclocking your motherboard.

    Here is some info on the motherboard software.
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    Safest way to overclock is to just bump the multiplier in the bios slowly until you hit the limit or whatever speed you're going for. Avoid touching voltages if possible. The stock fx8350 multiplier should be x20, and i believe the multiplier bumps by .5 increments.

    Overclocking limits are determined by your CPU cooler, the motherboard, and the CPU itself. The cooler is pretty much the thermal limits. if its past safe temperatures, you'll know because you'll be blue screening or your PC might shut off as a safe measure. Your motherboard determines your limit through the number of chokes it has. The chokes basically just are power phases for your CPU, the more the better. The last part is the CPU, which can be random. It's all luck, some can overclock higher than others. If you get a good one, you might just be able to overclock it to high speeds without having to worry about voltages.

    Your motherboard itself doesn't seem like it'll hold a heavy overclock from what I see, of course I could be wrong. I would just maybe try having the CPU run at 4.3 or something, if it's not stable, back off to 4.2.

    Test the overclock with something like prime95, intel burn test, or OCCT, and monitor the temps with HWMonitor, or CoreTemp or kind of program like that.
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