Best Graphic card that a 230w psu can Handle?

The Heading says it all,please suggest me a gpu that a 230w psu can handle
Want to play games like AC3,BF3,GTA 4,FC2,NFS MW 2012,etc at Medium to High setting
My PC specs are:
3ghz Intel dual core e5700
Simmtronics G41 Mobo
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  1. None.
    You need at least 430-500 w PSU to get a decent graphics card
  2. You will need to upgrade the power supply for most any graphics card. Even an entry level R7-240 requires 400 watts. The GTX 750 requires a 300 watt power supply.
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    You won't be able to play any of those games on a 230w PSU. You would need to upgrade to at least a 500w to use any graphics card capable of playing those games on those settings. Also, skimping on power supplies is one of the worst things you can do. It can cause electrical failures, fires, or overall cause a PC to not function properly. I actually always try to go above and beyond with power supplies. I stick to mainly using Seasonic power supplies. If you are getting a new one, this is the brand to get. But, if you want to go cheaper, then Cooler Master and Corsair make high quality PSUs and sell them for reasonable prices, like $40-70 depending on watts.

    I think the 750 Ti could run those games at reasonable settings and you could do it with a very small PSU upgrade. You are looking at around $200 in for a new PSU and 750 Ti. There's no graphics cards out at the moment that have better power supply requirements than the 750 Ti. You don't need to plug the 750 Ti into a power supply. All you do is plug it into the motherboard.
  4. Okay, just want to clarify some misinformation. You do not necessarily need a 400-500W psu.

    You can run an R7 240, 250 and gtx 750/750ti on a decent 300W psu (as well as the previous gen AMD 7750). You will be able to play those games on medium settings.

    However, it is usually recommended to get a beefier psu. To play all those games on high settings, I would aim for at least an R9 270x or R9 280 and a quality 500W psu.
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