Computer Shuts Off Unexpectedly

I have recently been playing a trucking game when suddenly I lost control over they keyboard and it would not respond. All the lights on it were lit, which were not before. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it worked fine and then my computer shuts off, such as someone unplugging it. It turns itself back on, only to have nothing happen (nothing starts). The only things working are the case fans, the CPU fan, and one light on the motherboard and the case light. The hard drives are not spinning or anything, and my monitor says no input. I unplugged it and moved it to a different socket and in more light to see what happened. At this point it did the same thing except the fans that were working were running at a very slow speed, almost to the point where I could not hear it, and the same as described above. The fan on the power supply was not spinning either when I noticed this. Nothing was overheating either. The hottest component was the graphics card, and that was at 100F. I left the computer off for about an hour and then turned it back on with luck. I tried it in safe mode with luck. Then when I tried to start it up in regular mode, I get a BSOD with code stop 0x0000001E. I have had the computer do this to me before, and this is the second time where it acted as like it was having it's own brownout. This description was the second time this happened to me. The first time I reseated everything and it worked fine. Also the first time this happened, and when the computer tried to reboot, all that happened was that it was able to power itself for about a second and it would turn off. I can sometimes hear a bizzing sound from it. Now that everything is working, my power supply fan is working, and it only does not work when it is able to power fans and lights but nothing else.

Here are the blue screens I have been getting in order in the past few months:

stop 0x00000135
stop 0x000000D1
stop 0x0000007E
stop 0x0000001E

Computer Specs:

550W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.8 GHz
Graphics Card: Nivdia Geforce 550ti
Motherboard: MSI (dont know model)
Hard Drive 1: Hitachi 1TB 7200 RPM
Hard Drive 2: WD Caviar Black 3TB 7200 RPM
2 PCI Cards
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  1. Can you post the dump files? They should show files that are corrupted.

    Run checkdisk

    Run a virus scan
  2. The cpu could be overheating. Find some good thermal paste and reinstall the heatsink.
  3. I have ran those tests, and there are no viruses, checkdisk found no corruption, and there are no dump files I can find in the system files. I also have Speedfan installed, and the temps are not overheating. I have constant cold air blowing against it that keep most of the components below 100 Fahrenheit. I have limited this to either the motherboard or the power supply failing. Any other things besides those that could be causing this?
  4. Go through Device Manager and check all the Devices are running OK

    Download and run Memtest

    Download and run HWInfo - Sensors. Post the results - usually 3 screenshots on TinyPic or similar.

    What make and model psu?
    Which make 550Ti?
    It would be nice to know the model MSI motherboard.
    What are the two PCI cards?
  5. So, you cannot open windows..
    You may have to reinstall your window or get windows in a portable disk and boot that disk to confirm hardware functionality that has been affected due to heating or something...
    Sometimes a software file is responsible for that or a software update.
  6. One time my laptop wouldn't start up so I opened it then cleaned out dust then it worked. That is why I think it may be an overheating issue.
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