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Recently i used my external hard drive on a friend's laptop to transfer some files, without opening my hard drive in his laptop. Unfortunately after that when i tried to connect to my laptop and open to view them, i realized that my folders and files were hidden while the files and folders that i transfered from a friend were visible. I checked the property of my drive and it shows that my documents are still there but are hidden. How could i go about retrieving them? I have tried doing unhiding files and folders from windows explorer and also using following steps to take ownership of my files and folders, yet they are still hidden.
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    you need to use a decent data recovery software in order to retrieve your files, if you are not much familiar with the process, ask someone who knows the job. It is recommended to create a image of your entire disk and work on image rather directly on the drive.
    softwares like R-studio or UFS explorer are pretty good for the said job.
    good luck
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