Which psu should I buy...

XfX pro750m or Corsair Profesional Series AX750. I kinda think that AX is better but it costs much more. But does these two have a BIG difference? Or I can take the xfx and wont regret that? Need some opinion, thanks.
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  1. XFX is pretty solid.
  2. Neither Corsair nor XFX make their own power supplies. Both PSUs listed are outsourced to Seasonic to make them. Seasonic is arguably the most reputable and reliable PSU OEM and is perhaps the best PSU OEM as of today. So pick whichever is cheaper. Both are excellent power supplies.
  3. Both are solid PSUs; It doesn't matter which one you get, you won't be disappointed either way.
  4. Both are very good choices.

    AX series is in tier 1
    XFX Pro is in tier 2 Class A

    Stick with XFX Pro and save some bucks. PSU in Tier 1 - 3 are good to go with depending upon the budget. (Don't read my system specs :) )

    Else you may consider buying Seasonic series PSU. What is your build?
  5. Ok will stick with xfx. Havent used that pc for a while so dont remember everything in build. Gtx660sc, 2rams each 4gb and 1tb hard drive, i3. Thats all I remember.
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    Power hungry components in the build are CPU and GPU followed by the mobo. Anyhow, XFX Pro is solid choice and you won't regret it.
  7. Thanks EasyLover. Will go with that. I hope its ok if its bronze edition and AX750 is platinum.
  8. Don't worry about that. Remember that it uses high quality components hence will give you endurance with reliability.
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