New 840 Evo SSD, not showing up in BIOS or as usable storage when connected with USB.

Hi, I really hope that you'll be able to assist me.

I recently bought a new SSD to migrate my windows and games into, but after installing I notice it's not showing up, and the computer is really struggling to start up properly, requiring several tries occasionally.

Now, I go into BIOS and my two existing drives show up, but not the SSD. I have tried all the different SATA ports on my mobo, and with two different power configs (all 3 drives on one cable, one for each drive) and they all fail to boot or detect my SSD. (To note: My PSU is atleast 5 years old, so warranties and such are all gone, I'm almost expecting it to die.)

With the SSD I also got an USB connector to connect it to a laptop etc for migration. However, when connecting it it is not detected as a storage device with space, just as a removable disk with 0.0 bytes. This also happens with the Samsung Data Migration software I downloaded to just test if it detected it, and no dice. It's not showing up.

Have I recieved a dud? Or are there still things for me to try out with this little thing?
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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Doesn't really help me. BIOS is already set to AHCI. And I'm not fresh installing, I'm just cloning over, so I just need to get it detected to partition it and move what I need over.

    Tried the SSD in my wife's machine, with brand new cables and PSU, and still not detected.

    If windows reinstall is the only way to fix things, I'd be pretty surprised. I installed an SSD in the wife's machine after she wanted some more speed on her work programs, and that ssd was detected immediately, and I could partition it and it was job done. This one isn't detected at all.
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    If the SSD is not even showing in the BIOS, I would say that it is DOA. Contact the dealer or Samsung about an RMA.

  3. Then we're pretty much on the same page. I'm just not too experienced outside the basic: "Tried different cables? Then it's done." so I wanted to ask around. Cheers both of you for replies.
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