RCD or Surge Protector or Line Conditioner or UPS? or all!

Here we have approx. 240V @50Hz, been thru 3 modern cordless phones in 1 year and have experienced 3 power cuts a day & counted 8 hours total outage for one particular month.
The PC is off grid and the room can occasionally go sub-zero due to global warming? ha, across the island they just had 1m rain in 6 hours.
Always use a R.C.D. followed by a cheap surge protector so if there is a power mishap, the PC only ever experiences "off" and must manually reset the power on.
I would consider a Power Conditioner if they do smooth out the problems as they say as Im getting a be quiet! platinum 850 and want it to last a good 10 years first. But isn't this the whole purpose of the $$$ PU?
So Q. is a Power Conditioner necessary, if so, whats a great (proven) protection?
Would like something techy to monitor the incoming power, not just LED's. Don't think an UPS like being disconnected for long periods of time but I don't know
Any help straightening me out would be greatly appreciated
btw, if there is a UPS Einstein here, will one work as a power conditioner surge protector etc without a battery?
NB due to the crappy dial-up I cant respond instantly nor do I carry my PC on me. but I will get back within the week. ... global warming permitting.
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    A good UPS will do all of those things and give you time to gracefully shut down in the event of a power failure.

    Of course, not the R.C.D. part. That protects you from faulty wiring.
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