HOw to Test graphic card whether its working fine or not

Guys my friend is going to buy used graphic card .
please tell me how to check whether its fine or not .
like is there any application to check performance like we check our RAM by Memtest86..

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  1. first of all post full specs of the pc and the gpu he is about to purchase!
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    anyway use gpu z to determine the exact model and specs. then run a stress test like furmark to check its thermal performance - stability and psu ability. then proceed to something like this Heaven Benchmark for testing gpu - drivers performance. at all these tests gpu should always maintain ~100% usage. else you are into trouble and you really should state the rest of your hardware.
  3. chris987 my graphic card is gma4500 intel familly series mobile 4
  4. this thread is very useful to me, many tnx chris and ofc toms, Cheers!
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