Need cooler for my i5 2500(non K) that will fit in my case.

Hi all,
I need a cooler for my cpu but I don"t know if it will fit with all my components. I have :
Asus maximus iv gene-z/gen3 mobo
8gb Vengeance RAM

Can you recommend a cooler that will fit in with the high RAM and the gpu?
I still have stock cooler and giving problems now. I was always afraid to buy a aftermarket cooler because dont know if it will fit
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  1. What case do you have?
  2. i have a corsair c70
  3. Do you have any of your RAM modules installed in the DIMM closest to the cpu socket? If not, I'd go for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It's pretty cheap for what it is, and should be fairly quiet.
    If one of your modules is installed in the closest DIMM, then I'd just move the modules to the other sockets further away from the cpu and get the Hyper 212 (assuming you have two modules).
    If you have four modules then I'm not sure how to see if certain coolers would fit. The 212 shouldn't cover more than one of your DIMMs though.
  4. ok thanks ill go look at it but money is no problem. so is there maybe something better you recommend. I wanted to get a AIO watercooling like the h70 but im afraid the maintaining will be to much. Do you have to refill the water every now and then? and im afraid it might leak
  5. If it's non k the 212 is more than enough. With water coolers like the h70 you don't ever have to refill them. I also avoid water coolers in case they leak (they hardly ever do, but what if, y'know?). You'll be fine with air cooling, especially with a non k processor.
  6. Thanks, im exactly the same i know they hardly ever leak but what if lol. Yes but im just thinking about mayb someday i get other cpu for OC. But thanks for your help
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    ok thanks ill go look at it but money is no problem. so is there maybe something better you recommend.

    If you are not concerned about price and you want to be ready for a future OC, then the 2 best CPU air coolers are the Noctua NH D14
    and the Phanteks PH-TC14PE:

    Additionally, Noctua has just announced the even better NH D15 cooler but it may not be available in your market yet.

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