Need help finding computer case

I need help finding a computer case it has to:
- Roomy
- under $150
- red & black color scheme
- atx
- side window
- look cool
- cable management
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  1. If you want decent looks, modular, and liquid cooling capable-
    NZXT H440 around 120$
    or cooler master silencio 550 around 100$
    If you want edgy looks all over it then-
    NZXT phantom 410
  2. im looking at them right now
  3. TKDavid said:
    im looking at them right now

    Great then buy on of'em!
  4. Best answer
    Personally I like the H440
    It has decent looks. Not too geeky type!
    Check out this one too -
    Even phantom 530 is cool
  5. im most likely gonna go with the 530 but ill see how it looks in person at micro center
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