core i7 4790 & asus-h97-plus temperature seems high

With 6 case fans connected to two fan connectors of mobo, the idle temperature of cpu is 30°C~34°C and in 25% load it is 60°C~63°C, in stress test (in PC Diagnostics program included in h97-plus's install disk) it goes up to 72°C~74°C in 60sec.( I think if it continues more than 60sec, the temperature will getting warmer)
do you think it is ok?( the idle temperature of mbo is 28°C)
note: the mobo could not recognize any of case fans in boot menu but when cpu temperature goes up some fans(maybe all of them) make louder sound.
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    the i7 4790 is a pretty hot chip, consider this as you're running a i7-4770K with a small overclock, it's something like that.
    Even the i7-4770K can be over 70 C hot under load on stock speeds, so the results you get are completely normal, and as long it's under ~77 C you should be fine.
    Though your system would probably like to run a little bit cooler, buying a cheap but yet very good and well made CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler, could lower the temps a bit. the 212 EVO is a very good cooler for the price, and it's pretty cheap ($30 in the us). ;)
  2. Could it be because of Intel HD Graphic?
  3. digitalsnake said:
    Could it be because of Intel HD Graphic?

    Graphics in these doesn't use that much power, it's a pretty low-end gpu, so it doesn't generate that much heat.
    My friend used the 4770K with a discrete gpu and stock cpu cooler, he had a temp over 70 C hot, the 4790 should be as hot as that. ;)
    about 2 weeks after build completion, he bought a cpu cooler.
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