What should I look for when buying a new monitor?

I'm not too sure what to look for when I buy my new monitor(s). I'm looking for something that's good for gaming. Can you also explain why its important/what it is.

Thanks for your help in advance :)

EDIT: I have 2 GTX 770's in SLI (not sure if that will determine anything but I figured that I would add it in just in case)
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    For gaming, you focus on resolution, clarity, and dimensions. Price is always considered. I personally stick with Asus, Dell, and Benq for computer monitor brands.
  2. rsolution is important for 1080p gaming also having a good size
  3. What kind of games, and what is your budget?

    If you play simulation type games such as civ 4/5 then a larger monitor with a higher resolution and ips panel is best 1440P or 1600P
    If you play shooters, a tn type panel with fast response time is best.
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