Does ms really matter in single digits?


I'm just wondering if there is any noticeable difference between a 5ms or an 8ms monitor when gaming? I want to get the Dell U2414H because it has everything I need for photo and video editing & it's on sale right now, but if I want to game on it I don't know if 8ms is good enough. I don't think it matters that much but I'm also not a PC gamer yet, so I want to know what you guys and girls think.
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    Most likely not. The difference is only 3ms. If you are playing a lot of FPS or shooting games, then it may be worth getting a monitor with faster response time (1ms or 2ms). That is if you are going at it hardcore. Otherwise, you won't notice a 8ms delay.
  2. I play mostly indie & simulation games on the PC right now, and some LoL and games like that so I'm not gonna worry about it then. Above all I just need a nice screen for my editing. Thanks!
  3. You won't notice a delay because response time is for ghosting. Don't confuse it with input lag. Also monitor specs are not regulated and it's usually best results and not an average of normal operation. The only true way to know is 3rd party monitor reviews. Here's an in depth review, which shows average closer to 9ms gtg, but hardly any ghosting issues and really good input lag, suitable for even fast fps games.
  4. Thanks k1114. I actually jus found out about TFT Central yesterday and read their review on it. Are there any others like it that have more reviews? There are a few other screens I'm interested in and I'm more likely to get now, because I discovered the Dell is actually 6bit with FRC and I want 8bit. I just can't find in depth reviews for them.
  5. You mean places to find reviews? I usually just google the monitor model +review.
  6. Well yeah, that's one way, but I meant really in depth review sites that cover panel technology.
  7. Tftcentral is the only one dedicated to in depth monitor reviews, that I can think of right now. Most of the other component review sites, including toms, does decent monitor reviews too.
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