780 Ti SLI 1080p single monitor- how long will it last?

Sorry if I didn't make this clear in my last SLI question, only using one monitor. Will buy a 780 Ti now and in a couple of years when prices go down, get a second 780 Ti. So how long will this last me until I have to take games below high (not ultra) settings
And when it will take games to everything on low/minimum settings?
All answers greatly appreciated !
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  1. At least 5 years or so.
  2. What about for low settings?
  3. I would say at least 3 years, more likely 5, but this cannot be predicted as nobody can accurately predict the future and be correct 100% of the time. You also have to think about your CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD etc.

    And 5 years is my estimation (or guess) for high, but in all honesty I couldn't predict accurately the lifespan of this setup, even with all of the info.
  4. The cards and computer will likely be dead by the time 780tis cant run something on low.
  5. I guess 4 years or so to play on high for a single 780ti. And then you SLI and get to play ultra/high for another year or two. Well i can't really say. Probably when cryengine 5 comes out you can run things on medium/high with your 780ti. So it's better to just update your system every 4 years or so.
  6. Seriously? How the hell are any of us to know what will be needed in 4 years from now? If you are purchasing a system for 4 years from now, do yourself a favor and don't. Buy one for now, and upgrade to a newer GPU when you are needed. It'll be cheaper that way.
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