Downloads failed, network error and videos keep freezing randomly

I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7, this issue seem to affect Internet Explorer too as I can't download anything.

This happened suddenly and I thought it was malware. I used my McAfee Antivirus to scan my PC and got rid of 5 adware/malware but that did nothing. When the youtube videos froze, a bing toolbar appeared on top of my browser. I checked my extensions tab and found only AdBlock. I scanned my hard disk and Windows did make some changes. I went back to the extensions tab and found a whole lot of different extensions like SweetIM, I got rid of them immediately but nothing happened. This issue seem to only affect my current system as my other system using the same network is not having this issue. Please help me if you can :)
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    malwarebytes chameleon
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    malwarebytes chameleon

    Thank you soooo much! That was the only thing I could download. I also managed to download the Anti-Malware program using a thumb drive. However, during the scan it keeps freezing. I ran Windows on safe mode and it stopped freezing. It managed to fix all my problems, once again, thanks for your help.
  3. Your welcome!
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