The sound on my brand new Asus P9X79 motherboard will not work. Have tried everything. Windows 8.1, Logitech Z523 speakers.

I recently built a PC with a brand new Asus P9X79 motherboard.
The sound will not work despite my best efforts and having tried literally everything.
The front panel audio and the any rear audio jacks are not working. I have tested my speakers and have confirmed that they are in perfect working order. The speakers only output is a male green audio jack which does not work with the motherboard.
I've switched audio in the bios from HD to AC97, cleared CMOS, used different speakers, uninstalled and freshly installed realtek drivers, disabled and re-enabled audio devices in the dev manager. I am starting to wonder if its a motherboard problem but if theres any fix at all to this situation ill take it. I figured id ask more knowledgeable people. And i previously had Windows 7 installed, still did not work. PLEASE HELP GUYS!! It recognizes my speakers in the playback devices and the audio goes up and down when a song plays,
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  1. anonymous1 said:

    Still didnt fix it , THanks though!! Just tells me to explore additional options
  2. No help (yet) I'm afraid, but I just bought a PC equipped with P9X79 motherboard, connected it to my Z523 speakers...and it didn't work. Running W7 Pro. Have also tried switching between AC97 and HD audio i BIOS, updte drivers etc. The output level indicator for speakers indicate that there's being processed music, but no sound whatsoever.
    Will post again if I'm able to solve this.
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