Need help picking Motherboard


I got a list of PC parts i'm gonna buy in about 3 weeks and i can't seem to find a good Motherboard that has on-board WiFi and supports the GTX 780 and i7-4770K well.
I really don't want to mess with WiFi cards / WIFi USB's because i don't really know much about them.

But anyways here is the PC list so far (Without a motherboard):

Any help is appreciated :)
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Try to find this board on the site this is a great one
  2. M0j0jojo said:

    Any good motherboards near the price range of $180'ish?
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  4. For the 4790K do you need an Z97 motherboard,this one is a Z87 motherboard,


    I'm sorry,with the latest bios does it support the cpu,but for better compatibility would i pick the ranger anyway.

    I would look at this one,
    get a wifi adapter with that one if you need that.
    There are more options depending on price,but look at socket 1150 with a Z97 chipset.
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