Audio help! Can't get any sound on my monitor!

Hey everyone, I am at the moment completely and utterly helpless. I've been using my TV as my display the last couple of weeks connected through HDMI. Under the circumstances now I have decided to move my desktop to another part of the apartment and connect it to a monitor that supports VGA. Now, I get visuals but no audio. My computer cannot detect the VGA port at all, but when HDMI is connected there is no problem. The monitor is connected to the graphics card, not the motherboard, have tried the other way around, though no results. It is a custom built computer, Help me guys!

Thank you!
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  1. There is no audio over VGA. You need to plug speakers in.
  2. I came to this realisation as well, just wanted it confirmed I guess. Won't regular headphones suffice or is it just speakers? Thank you btw for a quick reply!
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    Headphones or speaker will work fine.
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