CPU Compatibility with Intel DQ35JO motherboard

I am looking to upgrade my (crappy) Intel CPU and i was wondering what is the best possible CPU that is compatible with my motherboard (DQ35JO)? Also i have a Radeon HD 7770 Gigabyte graphics card and will it be bottlenecked by the CPU? If so, please provide some good motherboards that i can replace this one with and the CPU that will go well with the motherboard and the GPU. Thanks in advance! (Also you may have noticed that i'm not exactly a computer expert, just basic knowledge)
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  1. Hi GorillazKicksAss

    That's while back and the real problem is likely to be finding the chips over choosing the best one based on performance. That said here a list from Intel of compatible chips for that board. It might be a good idea to contact Intel and see if they can direct you to a retailer or even sell you a new one ??
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  3. Thanks Calvin, just what i was looking for.
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