System wont Post: need help troubleshooting


I read the above sticky about systems not posting, or at least the OP step by step instructions.

Here's what I'm building:
-AMD FX 8350
-Gigabyte FXA 990-UD3
-Sapphire Toxic R9 270X
-G. Skill Ares DDR3 16gb(8gb x 2)
-Corsair HX650

This is my 3rd build spanning 14yrs. Im currently running a PC I built in 2008. Im no expert but my PCs last over 5yrs. This is the first time I ran into trouble. I have a feeling the problem lies within my Mobo. I scratched it on the back trying to install a water loop (Enermax 240). But could also be CPU.

When I connect everything and turn it on. Fans and lights go on, but there is no signal to monitor or keyboard. There is also no LED's lit on the Mobo.The Mobo did not come with a system spkr, so I am in the dark.

I need to determine if I have a defective Motherboard or CPU.

- I reseated Ram and tried booting with only 1 stick
- GPU Lits LED's and Fans, I tried HDMI and VGA/DVI connections to moniter
- Water cooler had Lit LED and Fans, I removed and tried booting with Stock heatsink
- Mobo has 24pin and 8 pin connections, system fans run from 3 and 4 pin connections
- I removed Mobo battery twice for 5+ minutes

My guess is PSU in good because of peripherals turn on.

Power runs through the Mobo to the peripherals.

Based on above would you say I have a short in the Mobo or a bad CPU ?

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