Will 4 or 6 pins work for my 8 pin CPU power connector?

CPU: AMD FX-9370 8 core 4.40GHz
RAM: Just 8gbs od stock RAM
GPU: nVidia GT 630 4gbs
MoBo: MSi 970A-G46
My PSU went to crap recently and I only have 4 or 6 pins(I can't remember)on a 450w PSU for the cpu power on the extra PSU I have, I don't think this will work but I'm unsure. So.. here I am! Also, my CPU has not been OCed
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    It won't work. 4 and 6 pin draw less electricity than 8 pin, and the CPU requires 8 pin to work. Doesn't matter whether it's overclocked/able or not, that's what it has. You'll need a new PSU. There are plenty of good PSUs that are under $100 and will last you a few years.
  2. I didn't believe it would, thanks for confirming that! I was reading though a situation like this and it did work but his CPU was as power hungry as the one I have, so I wanted to confirm that!
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