no ethernet controller driver and no network adapter after Windows 7 reinstall.

So i had my gaming desktop running fine but after a year or two i got my first BSOD and it was most of the time. So i decided it was time to reinstall windows. So i reinstalled it and all was well until i saw the "X" on my internet area(btw i dont have a wireless card only hardwire) and i ran troubleshooting and it said "Windows could not find a network adapter. if you have one please install the driver" So i went to my mobo's site and got LAN drivers and nothing. then chipset and nothing. I also have no networks in "Network connections" .please help. My mobo is Asus p8z77-v lx, gpu is geforce gtx 660 8gbs of ram i5 3570k @3.4ghz
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  1. you have the latest lan driver but did you install the ethernet utility .
  2. It just started working randomly
  3. recheck yournetwork connection and if you could try a pci-e network card the chipset network could start to be defective .
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