How to connect laptop through tv to access surround sound?

I have an HP laptop with Windows 7. We are accessing karaoke on youtube and want it connected to the surround sound.

The tv is a Panasonic TCP50X1, which works fine with our surround Sound which is a RCA RT2770.

When I connect HDMI from the laptop to the TV, the computer works fine with the tv speakers but will not work on the surround sound.

There is not an HDMI output on the surround sound.

We also have a DirecTV DVR connected.

We are not very knowledgeable on this kind of set up and have tried everything we can think of.

Any ideas of what to do to get the laptop to play through the surround sound?
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  1. Trouble is - your TV doesn't have any audio out except to its own speakers.

    And the rca only has digital optical and cable inputs.

    Has your laptop got a optical audio output?
  2. The laptop doesn't have an optical audio output, only HDMI, USB and headphone.

    The tv accesses the surround sound just fine without the laptop. Isn't that what the HDMI does?

    Sorry if I sound totally
  3. But then you can't get it out of the TV
  4. Correct.

    So if I don't have optical audio output on the laptop or surround sound, and no hdmi on the surround there any other way to make it work?
  5. No. Unless you can find an adapter that will take hdmi input and make hdmi plus stereo/5.1 output.
  6. I had the same problem today and I was looking for an answer. I see you original message was posted in 2014 so most likely it won't be a help for you, but maybe for some others.

    May laptop connected to TV via HTML cable.
    I've connected my TV to Home Theater via another HTML cable.
    Issue: No sound goes out of HT speakers.
    Solution: I used a different typical single audio cable (simply connect audio out of TV to Audio in/mic of the HT)
    Hope this helps
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