how to hook up my bluray through my surround sound

I have a vizio flat screen which has 2 HDMI ports a USB port.. And a audio digital out/coaxial output. My bluray only has hmdi and the 3 colored output. My receiver tho has everything. Hdmi's , video out..component out colors, digital output. I have all the cords just don't know what to connect to what and if I have to change audio settings in my tv. Gives me choice to turn speakers off and some CEC option for surround sound I assume. Please help me lol
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    Do either of the Vizio's HDMI ports say 'ARC' on them? If so, HDMI from the BD player to one of the inputs on the receiver, then HDMI from the receiver to the ARC port on the TV.

    If not, then same as above but with a SPDIF cable from the TV to an input on the receiver.
  2. It doesn't say arc just 2 HDMI plugs..and the coaxial plug and blue green yellow etc ones.. What's spdif?
  3. Optical or coaxial digital audio.
  4. Can I use a regular audio cable to run from coaxial to audio on bluray?
  5. From the TV to the receiver, not to the bluray. The bluray's audio goes over HDMI.

    Standard RCA should be fine. It's only so the audio from the tuner in your TV goes out by the speaker system.
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