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Ok , so my UPS was not working and I took it to an electrical shop where used a new battery ... My question is that when a UPS is plugged in does the battery play any role ??? I am asking this because I have a doubt if the battery is very good ... I don't think it will be very bad but still ... Also , what are the dangers that can be there , I mean my power supply getting damaged or my motherboard and other components getting damaged ??? It is an APC UPS ...
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  1. The battery plays a roll if you have your electronics plugged into an outlet on the UPS that is protected by the battery. Some UPS's have outlets for surge protection which are separate from their outlets for surge/battery protection.

    APC UPS usually comes with a USB cable to connect to the computer so you can use their software to monitor its status. Your computer isn't in any abnormal danger of the UPS killing your computer. It can't put any more electricity into your PC than the standard wall outlet could (since that's where its getting it from).
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