Which outputs is best to run 3 screens

Hi all, ok been saving hard for my 3 screen setup. I got 3 Asus MX239 frameless monitors and 2 GTX680 to run them on.

Was going out today to buy the cables but before I do I end your help. I use a headset so sound is out of the question.

Do I run the 3 screens out of 1 card of split them up?

Which is the best cable option to use? While I had only 1 screen DVI to VGA looked better on my 42" Plasma T.V. but now I have monitors I'm guessing that could change?

My monitors have 2 X HDMI and 1 X VGA each

My GTX 680 have 2 X DVI, 1 X HDMI and 1 X Display port.

Obviously only having a total of 2 HDMI and Display port answers that bit which only leaves the monitor input option and which cards to use question.

Many thanks in advance


Just to add a bit of what I've learnt. these monitors have NO mounting option they only have their own stand that appears to only be removable if you dismantle the monitor.
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    You can use each of the cards outputs on the monitors, i personally have OCD so i would use the DVI's so all the cables are the same, display port generally holds the best options but because you don't have 3 of them thats too bad, with your 680's i think they have old gen HDMI which only outputs 30hz refresh so i would use display port or DVI but with my OCD i would say DVI, sorry for being confusing ahha, have anymore questions just ask I'm around quite often, good luck :)
  2. So DVI to VGA is my best option and use both cards to output is fine?

    Thanks so much PC Noobist, I appreciate your help.
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